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zenteq magnetic & titanium therapy : natures gifts




the Senator


zenteq™ Senator:

Crafted in titanium, the Superior Senator bracelet is a Perfect everyday item. Handsome and Robust the Senator features two rows of hard wearing magnets.

The fashion-forward Masculine Flocking technique used on the Senator provides a Luxurious contrast between the two colours.

The sleek and Refined closure is easy to use. Ideal for a fresh look with a hint of mystery, simply the Perfect Quality Choice for everyday wear and dressier looks alike.

Best known uses for magnets are for: Relieving pain - Reducing swelling - Speeding up healing - Easier, more restful sleep - Blood circulation/pressure -Energy - Skin Problems - Arthritis - Impotency - Travel Sickness -Jetlag

We recommed to wear your Senator  for a minimum of 12 months.

Side effects? No known side effects.(World Health Organisation)

Please do not use if you are pregnant or if you are wearing a pacemaker.

Three year Free Repair & Link Replacement Guarantee.

What Senator wearers are saying: 

" Within one day of wearing bracelet I no longer had arthritis and it has not turned up again since.This is great as arthritis was affecting my arm and hand movements.Every day was very uncomfortabke, bordering on painful." Mr.CW - 42- Engineer from Hawkesbay.

"Feel good, I have had good erections." Mr.PD - 61- Farmer from the Coromandel.

"Less aches and pains. Better sleep. Less jumpy legs." Mr CR - 70 - Retired -Lower Hutt

All signed testimonials can be viewed in hard copy at the Nelson Head Office.

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